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More details:
Toilet is about 16" above the water line of the vessel if this matters.
There is currently a Y-valve to go to the holding tank or direct discharge. I was considering cutting out the Y-valve making it go to the holding tank only. Holding tank has deck pumpout option or overboard discharge (to be used, of course, only where appropriate/legal/acceptable/etc.) so we can still discharge where appropriate but from tank instead of directly from head.

In either option A or B, my intention is to use very good waste hose, and still replace with PVC in all sections where possible.

In option A above, the first rise in elevation to the vented loop (or Y-valve, or both) is the highest rise in elevation. The second rise about 10 feet later is not quite as high, but still two rises seems troublesome.
Toilets are both raw water flushing and that will be the case for now (again, not in budget to change this right now).
Why is vented loop necessary on waste line? is it to make sure it never siphons back from holding tank if tank is mostly full?
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