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You positioned yourself and slowed your speed as best you could and you had a lookout posted (kudos to your wife). Not much more you could have done in that regard.

I agree with the others that, before you entered the zone around them, five blasts of your horn would have been A) appropriate and B) could have helped keep you out of potential legal trouble later.

Boatpoker's idea of sending out a Securite message is also a good idea. It alerts local mariners and, at least in Florida, the Coast Guard will sometimes pay those knuckleheads a visit.

Unfortunately, in today's uber-litigious society, it would have been a great idea to have your wife pull out her phone and video the whole approach, including the five blasts of your horn, and perhaps a little narrative about the wind conditions. It's the kind of thing that could possibly help you later on, if things had gone south.

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