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Originally Posted by Blissboat View Post
. . . ignorant people in boats do breathtakingly thoughtless and risky things that simultaneously amaze me and yet no longer surprise me.
Sadly, this is all too true.

Originally Posted by menzies View Post
First thing I would have done when I saw this is five short blasts from my very loud compressed air horn...
I would agree.

Originally Posted by menzies View Post
Then I would have stopped and held position until they waved me through. If they didn't I would give another five, eventually they would!
Unfortunately (see Blissboat quote above) I have absolutely zero confidence that they would have EVER eventually done anything, other than keep right on blocking the channel.

In the end, I think the OP did most everything right. He clearly made every reasonable effort to avoid them as best he could. That's what the regulations call for. He certainly had no obligation to simply sit there -- with his boat in some degree of exposure -- waiting for them to finish their day of snorkeling and finally decide to move on.
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