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Bow Thruster for CHB (Clipper 34)

Hi All. (Re-posting to correct group - Oops!)

Had my Clipper for almost 12 months now and am convinced I will benefit greatly if she was fitted with a Bow Thruster (BT). I have followed a few discussions on both Bow and Stern Thrusters and I believe that the BT is the way to go for me. I normally have quite a bit of trouble getting her into her marina berth.

My question(s) at this stage are reasonably simple (although the answer(s) may not be of course) viz:
  1. Is it possible to fit a BT to a Clipper 34?
  2. Where does it fit (exactly I mean)?
  3. Is there a preferred "type/size" of BT for the Clipper ?
  4. Is there something else that I should be asking etc?
Please help.

Thanks in advance

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