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RE: Gardening Afloat

A number of years back, a neighbor gave me some tomato plants she had extra (8 I think). Went ahead and planted them in the back yard. Tended to them all summer, weeded, fed, fought off local wildlife, weeded some more, staked them up etc. When the crop came in....HOLY JEEBUS!!!!!! I had tomatoes coming out the yin yang. People stopped talking to me on the street for fear I'd force tomatoes on them. That same fall, I went to a local farmer's market and low and behold, 8 qt. basket of tomatoes-$1.50! Was it worth it? Not on your life. Bringing dirt onto a boat I work to keep dirt off of? Hahahahahaha..... "storing any food that is not both tasty and nutritious will be a waste of time"? NOTHING at all wrong with canned or frozen!
Your link Mr. marine trader seems to be connected to you. Thinly veiled advertising??????
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