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According to all I've read, I'm going in the wrong direction.

There are a host of reasons to go from North to South on the west coast of the Island, but many have cruised it in reverse. For example, Tony Fleming describes his West coast transit going in the opposite direction, you only need to listen to the first few minutes of the video below:


1. It is easier for sailboats to sail down rather than up.

2. It is easier for boats, such as sailboats, with smaller motors to cruise down with the wind at their back.

3. Many, for example the flotilla with Slow Boat, will end their Alaska cruise going down the West side of the Island on their way home.

4. The herd mentality, if everyone is doing it this way, I should do it too. Of course some do go the other way.

5. Depending on how a boat functions in a head wind, south may be easier than a north transit.

As you can see in the Fleming video, you are only out for shorter periods of time before you hit a shelter system through which to cruise before your next "jump."

Generally, the weather along coastal BC is the most benign this time of the year so you might as well take advantage of it.
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