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RE: sanitation hoses

psneeld wrote:HeadMistress wrote:psneeld wrote:My boat had HUGE sanitation hose*issues so I got rid of the sal****er and hand pumps. On the one head...I just removed the hand pump and used an elbow to let it fall into a hose leading to a cheap macerator pump. Now I can use inexpensive vinyl hose to the holding tank*versus expensive sasnitation hose (because nothing really lays in it) guests like the push button flush versus the standard pump flush.
*Waste doesn't have to lay in a hose to permeate it...and you will find out just how quickly vinyl hose absorbs waste that passes through it.* When it does, bite the bullet and replace it with Trident 101 sanitation's been on the market for nearly 20 years without a single reported odor permeation failure, so in the end it will actually cost you LESS to re-hose with it once compared to replacing cheap water hose every couple of years.

And if when you sell the boat, also replace that jury-rigged toilet with a real one before you put it on the market...'cuz any moderately knowledgeable buyer who sees something like that on boat the size of yours will wonder what else you jury rigged cheap that he can't see and walk away.

*I bet it will go a lot longer than you "guess".

Jury rigged???* I would say that most boat head systems are jury rigged or a flat out a disaster from the factory WITH the manufacturers recommendations.

Mine is simple, inexpensive, easy to repair, etc...etc...hard to say that about MOST marine toilets.

30 year old trawlers usually have a lot more to worry about than that piece of hose. Bought mine with "approved systems that were failed in no time" that's why I designed a "better" system...not one to make someone some money.

Don't call my advice "jury rigged" and I woun't attack your advice on "merchandise".


I have to agree with Peggie on the "jury rigged" advice.* If it works for you, that's fine, but just as she advised, If I was looking at a boat to buy and saw something like that, I would run, not walk away.* I think this would be typical of most boat buyers.

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