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Larger Chris Craft repowered to Bravo 3?

No I don't have a Chris Craft but my boat is very similiar to one, I'll give a facebook link which will show it at the time I bought it. The boat is 29 feet long, 10 foot beam and roughly, anyone's guess, about 13,000 lbs wet. Construction of the hull is fiberglass over wood, original build. The boat is called a "Mariner" and it is supposedly built in Vancouver BC but this is difficult to ascertain. I've seen roughly 5 others advertised in Pacific Yachting over the years. Any opinions appreciated.

I searched for a hull number and came up with PME92914, nothing else. When I googled this, a company that came into existence in 1995 cropped up. No way was this boat constructed in 95, by then all construction was pretty much all fiberglass, except for the all wood guys who would never desecrated a hull by putting fiberglass over it... lol.

The build date I was given by the second or third owner, not sure, was 1969 but I am beginning to suspect it might even be earlier.

Upon purchasing the boat, I gutted everything below the deck and much above the deck as well. I believe this boat has been repowered twice before, the last engine I recently sold was a remanufactured Mercury dating to 1975 with one of those massive legs, like a TR... something. So new composting head, external bow thruster added with two Firefly batteries powering it, along with the windlass. A new Firefly battery bank (4), new fuel tanks, new water tanks, other goodies added, including Efoy and Wassel diesel heater, small hot water tank, and stuff I can't remember.

In repowering, I went from a 270 hp Merc with hp measured at the engine, to a 2019 Merc 350 hp measured at the prop. I was going to use a Bravo 3 stern drive but the advise I got from many parties (and I have the long distant phone bills to prove it...) was to install a Bravo 2 instead.

My question is, have any of you with an older, heavier, longer CC used a Bravo 3?

Link to boat images:

Since Chris Craft boats are the closest to what I have of everyone on the Trawler forum, you are my people.
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