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RE: What is the best Used Trawler for the money 32 - 43 range?

Dougcole wrote:
Personally, I'm not a fan of two heads in anything under about 46', they just take up too much space. But we don't have many guests.
Even without guests we've found on occasion that having two heads is better than just one.* The forward head on our old GB is like a phone booth.* Just big enough to be usable.* So it certainly doesn't take up much space.* But there have been occasions--- very few but it only takes one-- when a problem with the aft head or it's holding tank has precluded the use of the head, so we used the forward head instead.* Also, having two heads--- and ours each have their own holding tank--- really increases the time we can go between pumpouts.* And in this area, particularly as one goes farther north into the Gulf Islands and beyond, pumpouts are few and far between.* And often they are in places we're not going to go.

So based on our experience so far, we would not want aboat of any configuration with only one head.** We have two GPS plotters which provides a backup if we need it.* We feel the same about toilets.
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