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Originally Posted by RonR View Post
Thank you for the tip on the Carver Voyager 370, I have not looked at one as of yet.
Take a look at the Carver 355/356. We have a 2001, 356. You said your wife prefers galley up, ours is galley down, but only a little down. The salon/galley is open concept, if that is a good way to describe it. I believe the 356 is a newer model than the 370. If Carver is a model you are considering, spend some time on the Carver yacht owners forum. Any questions you have about Carvers, I'm sure you will find answers there.

Another brand worth looking at is the Cruisers 3650/3750/375. Very similar layout to the Carver 356, just slightly bigger and a little more expensive. I really like that boat, but there weren't any decent ones available when we were looking. That being said, we are very happy with our 356.
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