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Thank you for the tips, we were on about 25 boats this weekend at a few lots in Anacortes WA. We visited Banana belt boats and Gateway Yachts.
A few of our favorites were:

1986 Mikelson 42 Sedan, twin Detroit powered, very nice layout. Probably on the big side of things for us. I am not a Detroit fan unless its a 60 series at the 2-stroke noise/oil/fuel smell all the time. I have rebuilt a fair amount of these. I know what it takes to keep them alive and don't really want one let alone two.

1980 DeFever Passagemaker, my favorite boat so far, diesel cabin heat, very slow boat with on 4cy volvo. Gen set, lots of batteries, lots of storage, I could see spending a lot of time off the docks with this one. Lots of room, goofy bow bathroom. I don't care for the black sides, but I am sure they make other colors. Smaller cabin with the walk around sides. But I still like it. Wife is ok with this one, but not on her top 5 list.
I feel this was probably the best built boat we were on this weekend.

1988 Bayliner 3288, we could make this work, but feel its on the smaller side of what we want now. But the entry price is attractive. And there are a lot of them for sale in our area ready to go. We could buy one, use it for a few years, and even if we lost 1/2 of the value when we sold it would not be too bad.

1989 Bayliner 3888, diesel heat, get set, twin Hino, propane kitchen. My wife loves this layout its #2 on her list. I kind of like it also, I am worried that a Bayliner will be hard to sell in a few years if we choose to upgrade or just get out. As there are a lot of the 3888's for sale and in watching them, they do not seam to move unless they are 45k or less and have every option + a bow thruster. Most we like are in the 60-65k range.

1983 Californian 42' LRC. A bit big for me, wife loves this boat, its in really good shape but on the tip top of our price range at 80k. We have looked at others just like this for 1/2 the price, but need twice the work. This boat is the wifes #1 but she also thinks its just too big for our first big boat.

One of the boats I thought we would really like was a Tollycraft Sedan 34'.
The wife put this on the No list. Does not like the layout, I am still a Tolly fan.

We have been on a few smaller Tollycraft Tri cabins, I still like them, but have not found one that was in good shape. And a funny story.. a guy looking at the 42 Californian has a 40' Tolly Tri and said he would give it to me! But it need most everything re-done besides the new 454's. He is at an age that he would rather buy something finished vs work one more day on the Tolly. He said I only got so many days of life left, I don't want to spend them on projects. So now Im thinking, could we buy something older than needs work, but it on the hard for 2 years and do most everything our self's? Or will we be thinking the same thing as this guys a year in? Im handy, about my only downfall is electrical, I would hire a pro for this. But wood/vinyl/paint/engines I can do.
And then the total cost, I cant see where a project like this would come out ahead in the total value when its all done. And it would mean every night/weekend for a log time working on the boat... and that time is worth a lot.

We did run into some very good people at Banana Belt, Amy was a good help in answering a thousand questions, really she is the best Broker that we have ran across so far, she seams to know so much about every make out there. We also ran into a couple that has had 15 boats over the last 40 years cruised up to Alaska on a few of them and also have a boat in Florida. And have owned several of the Boats we like. They offered some good tips on what to look for with our type of cruising in mind and the overall use of the boat. We are still just looking at the surface level of the layouts/styles they offered up things like how are you going to cook? Electric or Propane? How much time do you really want to spend on wood work? How much time are you really going to spend on the hook? Is there enough room for all of your food/junk for a week? Two weeks? Are we buying it for us or to take people out or just a floating apartment. They have had a Bayliner in the past and loved it. He did offer some good tips on hull styles. He said that the bayliner is nice, as its fast if you want it to be, but it will beat you up in rough seas, where the Defever will be slow but a nice ride in all but the worst weather.

So with all that said, we still need to keep looking at more boats.

I still want on a CHB/GB but the couple recommended if we do, don't fall in love with the wood as you will be cursing it in 2 years unless I like never ending projects. He has had a 32 GB in wood, he loved it but said to never buy a wood boat unless its all I can afford. He also has had a CHB, he loved that boat, said it was perfect in every way but its construction methods were lacking. It was not built to last 40 years unless its always been in good hands. Look for leaking windows, leaking teak decks, leaking fuel tanks and poor fit/finish of the interior floor that always has you guessing if its going to give way as they always make a lot of noise when your walking on them. He said for our $$ and our age and ideal use he would lean towards the 3888 unless I had the patents of a sailor and the time off of work to burn and he would recommend a DeFeaver.
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