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RE: What is the best Used Trawler for the money 32 - 43 range?

geoatl wrote:
*I also noticed a comment on another blog about the factory having issues and slowing down to wait for more orders?


In the price range you are looking for the size boat you require don't worry about factory support. *The boat will be so old that there likely will be none even if they are still in business. *Once again don't get hung up on a name, try to think of what ever you buy as having once been commissioned as a one of a kind that you will have to figure out. *mainships have decent build quality esp for the price you can get into one for. *My only lookout for you is the Mk I,II,and IIIs have a tendency to rot out and sag at the sliding cabin door. *but since you aren't looking at this style and want two staterooms don't let this deter you.*
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