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RE: What is the best Used Trawler for the money 32 - 43 range?

First question is how much sweat equity you are willing to invest?

Willing to rip up teak paint, and repair soggy decks?

Second hassle

Back in the 60's and 70's boats were sold bare.

No range , autopilot , self steering ,windlass , heat air' cond ,gen set or even winches on sailboats.

This was so the owner could install what he wanted , not what some add guy thought he wanted , or what the builder could get cheap, like Volvo engines.

Your problem is very few "trawlers" are outfitted to actually cruise , and you will be tossing loads of dockside gear and purchasing cruising gear.

Unfortuniatly the price of the boat will include all the gear headed for the dumpster.

So the next question is how well you can compromise.

Many dock queens really need 24/7 power , how much does a noisemaker 12 hours a day (with luck) bother you?

Personally one of the older solid glass Gulftubs would be my first look.
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