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Originally Posted by tiltrider1 View Post
I believe you have a Trace SW2512. This is one of the best units ever made. In fact I wouldnít mind buying it off of you even though itís probably close to 20 years old. There is nothing wrong with the unit. It is programmed wrong for your use. Some how it has gotten programmed to feed power back to the grid. There is a hidden menu. You push both the red and the green button at the same time while in the menus mode. This will put you in the advanced menu were you can turn off this feature. You might be better off to pay a tec to come out and train you on this unit rather than attempting it your self. You should go on line and down load the manual if you donít already have a copy. You will see that it is a very complex unit that does more things than you ever imagined.
Thank you, you made a lot of sense. We are definitely getting an electrician to come adjust it. Glad to hear nothing wrong with the unit.
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