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Thanks for the welcome!
Tim - found some of your posts. Seems we may have a lot to discuss. Heading to the Keys week of July 4th, one of our favorite getaways. Looking at 40'ish sundecks, and MT is prominent in the searches. Also have lots of questions about moving a trawler. I tend to do a lot of reading before asking questions though. Something about better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool, than to open and remove all doubt...
Jim - We are pretty close, I'm actually in Denver and spend time on Norman, Mtn Island, and Wylie. Will be the big 50 in 2 weeks and our timeline is also 5-10 years. Very interesting about the training classes, will have to get more info there. Learning stuff already and only been on here 2 days.
Peter - sound advice, thank you. Fleeting time, health and opportunity are definitely on my mind as we look for ways to accelerate the timeline.
Anyway, I am not new to forums or wrenching (Jeeps and Audis), and I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge base.
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