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Although I appreciate the input, too many responders appear to be jumping to the conclusion that I am trying to save money. That was not the object of my post. I am interested in increasing RANGE and ENDURANCE in areas that may not be conducive to regular fuel stops. I believe in making decisions based on research and facts, not on "not invented here thinking". Hence my post to which I received some very good leads and thoughts for further research! My experience with variable pitch/feathering props is from aviation, both as a pilot, and as a mechanic, rather than boats.
Regarding the fuel economy graph, although I appreciate the input, the premise behind the graph assumes FIXED pitch screws, NOT feathering screws, so it's not really relevant to the discussion as I never mentioned freewheeling a fixed pitch prop, besides freewheeling brings up an entirely different series of issues ie; is the "freewheeling" shafts transmission getting properly lubed/cooled since the engine is not running, do you need to install a shaft brake, is the coupling getting lubed, etc.
Even using the term "fuel economy" with boats this size is living in a fantasy land!
And lastly, although we are currently "boatless", we aren't totally lacking in experience with trawler ownership or experience. We're just trying to make the best purchasing decision based on wants, needs, budget, assumed cruising area/usage, etc.

Thanks again to all who responded!
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