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Originally Posted by Seevee View Post
Then they have these extremely one sided contracts that they expect you to sign. And then they want to control everything.
FYI you do not have to sign any pre-printed contract as-is; you are free to add or delete any clause. Just be certain to initial each change. I once saved 2k at Duke Medical with this added clause, "Lab tests not to exceed $200 without prior approval of patient." (I had obtained that estimate of the cost of the recommended tests.) The lab did unauthorized tests once they had my blood. The Billing Dept. billed accordingly. I won, no court necessary because I had a copy of what I had signed, though I did have to spend a lot of time on the phone. A similar phrase on the entrance papers at hospital ER years later saved me another grand+. Note that there are basically no consumer protections in the medical field, so it is especially important to guard your wallet in those environs. When selling or buying a boat, even with a broker, do not fear to read the fine print & safeguard your bank account accordingly--it can mean $aving big bucks. ¡Abre los ojos!
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