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I vote the terminal strip in a box too...I bet it is acceptable under ABYC tandards if the connectors, etc inside the box meet the applicable ABYC standard.

Here's but a few AC system snipits from ABYC....there may be additional pertinent items...did"t see any but I scanned quick. Each splice joining conductor to conductor, conductor to connectors, and conductor to
terminals must be able to withstand a tensile force equal to at least the value shown in Table XV for the
smallest conductor size used in the splice for a one minute duration, and not break.

11.14.6 INSTALLATION - GENERAL Junction boxes, cabinets, and other enclosures in which electrical connections are made shall
be weatherproof, or installed in a protected location, to minimize the entrance or accumulation of moisture or
water within the boxes, cabinets, or enclosures. In wet locations, metallic boxes, cabinets, or enclosures shall be mounted to minimize the
entrapment of moisture between the box, cabinet, or enclosure, and the adjacent structure. If air spacing is
used to accomplish this, the minimum shall be 1/4 inch (7.0 mm). Unused openings in boxes, cabinets, and weatherproof enclosures shall be closed. All conductors shall be supported and/or clamped to relieve strain on connections.
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