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Originally Posted by Imp View Post
Nah, it's been going on for decades. Luckily, I had a great broker in Newport Beach CA when I bought & sold there in the 70's & 80's, but spent some time post-retirement writing magazine articles, some on boating, while preparing to go cruising & waiting for my late skipper's retirement clock to run out (luckily we'd planned on following our dream, so he got 20 good years post-retirement). While researching articles interviewed & interfaced with various members of the boating/cruising community, including brokers, & was endlessly amazed by the abundance of ignorance exhibited, not only about boats in general, but sales techniques & practices. Not solely to pick on yacht brokers, I've discovered the same lack of relevant knowledge about money displayed by bankers, & about property displayed by Realtors--& in some important instances, about medicine by physicians. Caveat: always do your own research.


So true... seems like there's a lot of folks that get into the sales and brokering spots because they perceive it to be an easy way to make a lot of money and don't have to work much. And one can do that, once they have a lot of experience and are extremely organized, but they still have to communicate and give good information which rarely happens. A lot of folks work sales and brokering jobs part time, because they have no investment or overhead to cover every month. A lot of sales people have no offices and just operate out of their car, or affiliate with a marina or other business with not much more than a desk.

Brokerages in the real estate business, used car business, airplane business and RV business are very similar. The big expenses are on the seller.

So, a lot of folks don't take it seriously and think because they've had a boat ride, they're a qualified broker. Just talked to a guy like that..... he finally admitted that he was a used RV salesman and has been in the boat business for 4 months. Do you really want that guy selling your $500K trawler?

Then they have these extremely one sided contracts that they expect you to sign. And then they want to control everything.

Don't think so.


The ones I've been happy with have given me everything I've asked for....and if I wasn't satisfied, could bail anytime. And we both did well. But there just aren't a lot of them out there.
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