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I think you may run afoul of the ABYC wiring standards. For instance, if you extended it in your home you could run the ends into a 2x4” electrical box and use wire nuts to connect the wires. However, all boat connections must be mechanical and sealed, so that seems to say you could use a marine butt connection with a shrink plastic cover then the connector and an inch or so of wire covered with marine shrink tube. Here’s where I have a problem with that, even if it meets the standard. You note that the existing cable is stiff which to me suggests some hardening of the insulation caused by heat generated by resistance in the wires. Then there’s the state of the art of the wire. I’m betting that it’s stranded plain copper which we all know tends to corrode. I know it’s a PITA, but if it were me, I’d replace the cables with new marine tinned cable.
That’s a great looking boat by the way. Btw, those amperages seem backwards. Are you sure the cooktop is only 15 amp?
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