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Originally Posted by jsbraga View Post
Iím not sure where the idea of my dink being a Whaler started, but its a Walker Bay 360 with a Honda 40 Horse. The dink weighs 485#ís and the Honda 225#ís. One point made earlier is losing the use of the swim platform and actually having to board the dink from either side. As everything is bouncing around the side boarding is impossible. Too high, and the the dink is bouncing off what is a freshly painted surface. Also stepping down and into it is very dangerous. It looks like we need to keep it up top. However Iím still a solution minded person so any more ideas are welcomed. I do want my top deck clear if I can have my cake and eat it also.
If you are like me, when you need the swimgrid to be clear, your dinghy will be in the water, so it won't be a problem.
Also, if you have a gate in your rail and steps down the transom, those can be relocated to the side that is usually nearest the dock, then you don't need the whole swimgrid to be clear. If you have a molded in door to the swimgrid, relocation is just more expensive, but can still be done. I have seen this approach work out well on a West Bay Sonship 58 that began life without side doors and now has doors on both sides of the cockpit.
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