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Originally Posted by jsbraga View Post
I have a Selene 53 with a dinghy on the top deck. The boat is being painted and I was thinking their has to be a better place than up top to place the dinghy. My idea was to turn the top deck into a sun deck instead of creating clutter with the dink up there. I can leave the hoist in place since that doesn't take much space. I have a swim platform but the dink may be to large for it. Any ideas???????
How long is your swim platform? On my 44, my transom is just over 12', so my Caribe 12 fits, but occupies the full width. I extended my swim platform from 20" to 33" several years ago, but the davits position the 6'wide dinghy in very close to the transom, so a direct drop would land firmly on the swim platform. I had to get creative and have a pair of ramps that I place at the base of the davit supports, so the dinghy has a 45 slope to slide down, in order to clear the outer edge of the swim platform. This adds less than a minute to deployment time, but must be done.
I have observed the launching of a 12' dinghy, also 6' wide, on a Canoe Cove 42 with its standard width swim platform. The Nick Jackson davits used permit the operator to push the dinghy outward so that it will clear the outer edge of the swim platform, and the reverse of that procedure must be used to recover the dinghy.
My own dinghy came from a Seawise system, so I had to do the repairs to the fibreglass where its weight proved to be too much for sideways mounting. I suspect my Caribe weighs far less than a BW 13, so I doubt that option is available to you.
Let us all know what you come up with.
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