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Originally Posted by Roger Long View Post
Better pay attention snowbirds. If this passes, it will be the end of southern cruising for us. I know a lot of ICW cruisers skip Georiga entirely and go outside but it's our favorite state. A lot of people spend every night in a marina but anchoring in beautiful remote spots is perhaps the number one reason we cruise. Needing to get a $5.00 a night permit and anchor only in a few designated and crowded places in the state will either put a "For Sale" sign or winter shrink wrap on our boat.

Georgia doesn't seem to care about scaring away businesses or visitors these days. Disney has even threatened to remove all filming. I will be avoiding the Atlanta hub airport if their nonsense continues. As for the ICW, I prefer the outside, anyway, where I can avoid predatory dock fees, use autopilot & not worry about running aground.
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