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Originally Posted by BandB View Post
I would assume you're not using a yacht shipper. Much different boat and assume you're just putting it on a regular freight carrier. Also, insurance is not really something you should consider optional as a lot of boats do get damaged. So, add that to the price.
I thought touring the canals of Europe while staying on my own boat would make a nice trip after retirement. So first I checked into whether it was even financially feasible. I am no expert, but what I learned was most yacht shippers are really just brokers - they don't actually own the ships that transport the boats/yachts (1 or 2 do). So they all have access to most of the same transport ships.

My quote of <$4,000.00 came from Shipoverseas to RORO my 27 foot trawler on it's own trailer from Freeport, Texas to Le Harve, France. The quoted price includes ocean freight, export documentation and U.S Customs clearance. The price did not include port escort for self delivery, destination fees or marine insurance (pricey: full comprehensive coverage = 1.75% of declared value; or total loss coverage = 1.25% declared value). I do not know what was included in the $60,000 price, quoted above.

The cost of shipping is so "cost effective" because I can ship RORO (roll on, roll off). It would be rolled inside the ship and strapped to the floor next to cars, motor homes, travel trailers, other trailered items, etc. Yachts, to large to fit on their ow trailer, must ship LOLO (lift on, lift off), requiring crane services at both ports and the making of a custom cradle, and these boats would travel on top of the transport ships deck, exposed to the elements. This is considerably more expensive way to transport a boat/yacht.

I'm not endorsing any shipping company or method, just providing what little experience I recently obtained during my research.

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