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Originally Posted by JDCAVE View Post
Dave: I had a similar issue with a blown fuse on my DDC, which I reported here:

Issues with Balmar Digital Duo Charge charging the thruster bank.

I never fully solved the issue and replacing the charge source is on the to do list. I only had 20 amp fuses aboard and it limped along as a charger but the thruster could not be used. I replaced the fuse with a 30 amp one and the issue has not returned, but I agree with others here that it is not the best method of charging my thruster bank. I think it becomes more of an issue when your batteries are nearing end-of-life.

I am leaning towards moving the Mastervolt battery mate charge from the Genny battery to the thruster bank, as that unit can provide more amperage when required. The issue will be charging demands when the thruster is actuated, voltage drops, wire size, appropriate negative termination, etc. Im going to have my electrician look at this because he installed the Mastervolt unit.

You may want to look into the option of using a Mastervolt Batterymate. It may, or may not be a better option than either the ACR or Duo charge.


I'll try and check that out and add that to my list of potential long term solutions.

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