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Originally Posted by dhays View Post
Ted, I know there is a lot of discussion of start vs deep cycle for thruster batteries. If someone had a remote batter in the bow next to the bow thruster, then a start battery(s) would make some sense. In my case, I have one bank that supplies both thrusters and the windlass. The PO chose Lifeline 8Ds. I am sure the reason he made that selection was that is what the yard that did the work recommended and supplied. My understanding is that those batteries are kind of a hybrid. Not a bad choice really. If the bank is sufficiently large, it can provide the high, short term demand of the thrusters even if made up of deep cycle batteries.

You may be right about the potential of a failed battery. I will to research how to figure out if that is the case.

Your point about asking for what has changed is a good one, and goes along with Tedís question about a possible failure of the battery. I also like the idea of just aging connections at the fuse holder that could have increased the heat. The fuse holder definitely looks like got overheated.

I donít believe the installation has that 10 gage wire. The supplied wire is connected to a buss bar which connects to the battery via a 4/0 battery cable. That runs probably 8í to the battery. So the original installation doesnít seem to conform to the Balmar installations.

Even so, it has worked for a number of years with no APPARENT problems. I still think that in some ways, that the design which causes the Balmar to shut down if there is too large a voltage delta between the house and charged bank poses some potential problems in this application.

If the current batteries are sound, then I think reconfiguring to use an ACR would be my best option as I have the ACR. If the batteries are not sound, then I am very tempted to simply upsize my house bank and run the thrusters and windlass off the house bank. Since all my primary charge sources run to the house bank, the alternator is charging it while using the thrusters or windlass as well.

That gets back to how to determine if the batteries that are there are OK?
The benefit of the DDC over an ACR is that it permits the use of a different battery chemistry for Start/cranking purposes. In my case, I have Crown FLA 6v gc's for House and 3 x Optima spiral wound AGMs for Cranking (Start, Thruster, Davit & Windlass). Works perfectly and Cranking bank still in fine form after 9 years (hoping for 11).
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