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Originally Posted by Aquabelle View Post
They will have lost 50% of whatever their remaining cycles life was immediately prior to the incident. So if you had say 3 more year's life left before, you are now down to months....according to most manufacturers.

Yeah, kind of what I was afraid of. Not sure how old they are. They certainly aren't original but I'm thinking they are at least 6-7 years old. It may be time to look at replacing them.

I keep thinking about just scrapping the 8Ds and adding another pair of L16s to my house bank and then just using the house bank for my thruster and windlass as well.

Pros: Simpler system, larger house bank (1170 vs 780), larger effective thruster bank (1170 vs 500), less weight (~60 lbs), be rid of the monster 8D batteries.

Cons: Large bank to charge which would likely increase charging time to 100% (less time at bulk than a smaller bank), current house bank batteries are a year old so it would mix ages of the batteries, 1 pair of L16s would be separated by the other 2 pair of L16s by 6', creating uneven connecting cable lengths.

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