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Originally Posted by Aquabelle View Post
I have two DDCs which charge my genset and start/cranking banks. The 30A fuse blows eventually after long periods of on/off operation resulting from the target battery wanting more than 30A. As you have 2 x DDCs, you could do as I do and parallel them to give more capacity IF your two target batteries are the same chemistry. The Balmar official solution is to use the dedicated terminal on the DDC to drive a solenoid which allows as much current as you want thru to the target to charge it up quickly....then when demand falls back below 30A the DDC reverts to its battery chemistry-specific charging profile.

Sounds like you cannot parallel each of your battery banks with at least one other. You may want to add that feature for just the emergency situation you found yourself in.

Good points.

I can parallel the Genset start battery or the engine start battery with the house if I need. I don't have the ability to parallel the thruster bank with the house bank. That is something I need to look at.

I'm also wondering how well the Lifeline 8Ds will come back after such a large DOD.

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