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Just started shopping for the next boat

We have started the hunt for our next boat. Our background is mostly smaller ski/jet/fishing boats with one 25í Searay Sundancer that we would take up to the San Juans. This time around we are looking for something 32í+. We are thinking floating apartment that we will stay the night on once a week as the marina is closer to work than our home, can go to the San Juans 3-5 times a summer, cruse around the Everett area and south sound a little. Very light fishing/crabbing. We would like room for guest, but also a nice stateroom open gally. Price is 65k and under. Models we have noticed so far are Californian aft cabin 35/42, Carver aft cabin, Bayliner 3270/88, Tollycraft tri-cabin, Canoe Cove Trawler and I still like the CHB aft cabin boats. I would prefer a diesel powered boat, but have noticed a lot of the Californianís and Tollycrafts are gas powered. The wife likes the Bayliners, but would prefer to have the galley up vs down and she is worried that if we get a bayliner we will never be able to sell it. In addition, she would prefer a real shower. Cabin heat is a big deal to her, she wants to be nice and warm when we are on the hook. Do we need to look for a boat with a gen set? We are not in it for the long hall with this boat. Our plan would be to keep it for 2-3 years, if we like it a lot, and use it as much as we think we might, we will upgrade to something newer or a style that more suits what we really need. If we do not use it, we will sell it off. I donít want a wood hull boat, but donít mind refinishing handrails and what not. Most of the boats we are looking at are aft cabin boats, I know this will create a few problems with fishing/crabbing. As well as making it difficult to get on/off the boat at the dock. We are in our early 40ís, Iím somewhat handy and know my way around an engine and most systems on a boat. I do not mind minor projects, but do not what to be spending the first 6 months on a major project.
The questions I have based on the info above, what boat would fill our needs best, hold its value or more importantly will we be able to re-sell in 2-3 years as I know boats are not $$ makers. For my price point, and the number of times we will hit the San Juans and for resale should I hold out for diesels? Are there other models I did not list that we should be looking at in the PNW?
We plan to buy around Spring 2020, just getting some ducks lined up now. Moreover, that brings me to a place to put this thing; ideally, we want it at the Everett Marina. Currently there is a waiting list of 1.5/2 years for a slip in the 35-45 range. Do I just wait for the ideal boat to come up for sale with a slip in the area I want? Or how does one go about this? I do not want a covered slip this time around, as we want to be out in the sun the 7 days we have it.
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