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Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
Hi Mike
Welcome aboard TF
You are in good company and no shortage here of opinions and assistance.
A good place to start is Boat Search 101

Figuring out what your style of boating will be and then the Musts, Wants and Don't Wants is the challenge. Many have said here it challenge is to buy your second boat First!
Many of us (myself included) learn from the first and end up wanting something different. Its a natural progression but if approached with diligence I do think it's possible to increase your odds of getting it right the first time.
I recommend the following as a way to start - and write it down -
- How do you envision your boating style?
- What amenities are musts, wants?
- What are you pretty sure you don't need / want
You mentioned your wife - have her do the same - at least partially independent
Then compare notes & combine / compromise (when in doubt - do it her way!)
Now you have a basis to compare different styles, makes, models
Look at as many as you can - walk docks, talk to owners, boat shows, etc
Refine your lists as you learn more and hopefully narrow the field.

Don't forget to inquire and consider what others like about their choices and how they use it. The "best" boat for one purpose may be a "poor" choice for another purpose.

Lastly - make the search fun for you & the wife. Boat shows can become mini vacations of weekend get-a-ways. Walking docks and talking to owners live can result in lots of good info and many / most are happy to share info and usually welcome showing off their boats. Especially helpful to visit marinas where you intend to boat.

You are certainly in a great area for enjoying the trawler lifestyle.
The other great advantage you have where you are is the abundance of charters - It can be a very good learning experience and a way to confirm you preferences before committing the Big $

Good luck with getting up the learning curve and the search.
Appreciate the link to that the 101 thread and the advice. That's mostly what my wife and I are doing at this point. We are hitting every show we hear about and also walking the docks whenever we are moored at a guest marina.

Originally Posted by firehoser75 View Post
Baccus gave some great advice, and I will not repeat it. However, you did mention some brands and models. I read a post/blog from an unsatisfied customer who purchased a brand new Cutwater recently (don't remember the model). He experienced some big problems and was very unhappy with both Cutwater and the dealer's after sales service. I know there are always 2 sides to any story and that some of the problems could have been at least partially caused by the customer?? However, his story would cause me to either avoid Cutwater or at least to do some extensive research into the (potential) issues (and the boat and company in general) if I found their boats near the top of my list.
It is not my intent to "bash" Cutwater (I have no personal experience with them), but to try to warn you to be careful and thorough in your boat search.
I have run across some similar intel recently. It's concerning since Ranger and them are under the same roof that they may have a systematic problem although I haven't heard as much negatives from the Ranger Tugs, they do have a huge following out here in Seattle which got us looking at them.
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