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RE: Trawler vs. Sea Ray Sundancer

I've had great experiences with the Mare Island Bridge tender.* Travelling through with my friend 2 minutes in trail, he agreed to open for me and leave it open for Gene to pass, therefore not delaying me.* (Road traffic was light.)* They were also great at communicating about an opposite direction sail cat who needed a little extra time approaching for a shared opening.* One thing unique for this area is that they operate on CH13 while most other delta bridges monitor CH9.

Most of the delta bridges go to a summer schedule of opening that permits better road traffic flows.* The scheduled openings at :00, :20 and :40 past the hour.* There are also many that have limited winter hours that end at 5PM, so it's important to know their hours and restrictions.* I call the main bridge, Rio Vista Bridge (707-374-2134) with any off-hours opening requests or questions.* They have always been very helpful.*

Since we're now talking bridge procedures, I have a question for the masses:

When hailing the bridge for an opening, I normally wait to be within 4 minutes of the bridge and pass along to the tender my estimated time enroute, i.e. "...approaching from the south, arriving in 4 minutes, requesting an opening."* It seems calls further out result in the tender telling me he'll start the opening as soon as I get closer, and later calls require me to slow or stop for the opening.*

What timing and radio call protocol do you use and recommend?*

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