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RE: Trawler vs. Sea Ray Sundancer

None of you guys have mentioned the cross traffic in your rants about bridge tenders.

The only bridge I have in my cruising grounds that I have ever had to call for an opening is the Second Narrows railway bridge. The cross traffic there is often out of sight, as the southern approach is in a tunnel, so you can't see it. The bridge tender usually leaves a lift up until there is a train, then leaves the bridge down until someone calls for a lift. With marinas and commercial docks close to the bridge both upstream and down, the tender can't assume every approaching mariner is going to pass through the bridge, so must wait for a call on VHF 12. Sometimes, when you call, he will tell you of a train in the tunnel, and how many minutes til it arrives. I would expect the tenders you guys are ranting about have similar pressures from the traffic the bridge was built to serve, and similar other destinations for the approaching marine traffic.

Since moving to the dark side, I haven't needed to call for a lift, but I still monitor 12 while in the harbour, so I hear about the "train in the tunnel" from time to time.
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