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RE: Trawler vs. Sea Ray Sundancer

markpierce wrote:Pineapple Girl wrote:
this is so funny as we came close to buying a sea ray last month as a runabout for the delta but decided to spend the money getting our inverter installed.* They serve their purpose!* There is a very active sea ray owners group up on the delta with monthly cruises.*

Don't have much experiences with bridges yet!

*Fortunately, the Coot came equipped with an inverter.* It's definitely handy.

Jennifer, get yourself up the Napa River so the Mare Island Causeway Bridge*can open for you.

Mark,*our only bridge experience thus far was the*hwy 12 bridge*over the*Mokelumne.* We*were all psyched to request an opening but as we got there it was already opening for several other boats so we just*cruised on*through with the masses.* It was plenty wide enough for boats to come from both directions at once and everyone went at a respectful speed, no issues.* **

Mark I am glad to give you an opportunity to post another picture.*** (I hope you realize I'm teasing you.) Our boat is so old I'm not sure they had inverters back when it was built.* the guy who is installing*the inverter *said his co did all the original electronics installations on the boat*and he recognized most of it as original.* Hey, if it ain't broke!!*
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