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Trawler vs. Sea Ray Sundancer

JD wrote:BaltimoreLurker wrote:The rudest bridge tender on earth works the drawbridge on our creek.* He almost dropped the bridge on us once as we were approaching.* "All astern" or we would have gotten hammered.
*I can see you have never been through the bridge at Surf City.* The lady (that may be a stretch) there is something else.* One day we were coming up the ICW*and there were three others right behind me as we approached.* I was in the lead and called for the opening which is on the hour only.* I said that*I and the three boats directly behind me would like an opening.* She in no uncertain terms told me that if that wanted through they would have to call on their own.* End of story.

This was the same person that just three days before would not open at 2:03 PM because I was three minutes late.* There was no 2:00 opening.* Did I mention it was on the hour only.

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*Seems like she did everything correct and the same way MANY bridge tenders I've experienced would act...can't fault her for following rules.

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