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Trawler vs. Sea Ray Sundancer

yachtbrokerguy wrote:
Since this has evolved to be more about bridges than Sea Rays, a common courtesy at a bridge is for the slow boats to let the faster boats creep up to the front and go through first. Then the fast boats can pick up speed on the other side without trying to pass the slower ones.
On my many trips between the Florida and the Northeast I would call other boats on the radio while waiting for a bridge to ask their cruising speed, and either move in front or behind them.
*Tucker, you make a very good point. *However, sometimes the message is not recieved in the spirit intended. *When about to leave a slow area, I radioed an express cruiser I had been following. *I asked if I might so a slow pass as we leave the area. *He came back with, "just how fast do you cruise, captain". *I replied, 'we have been making 28 knots". *There was a long silence. *Then he came back with, "proceed, captain".

I had the reverse happen when repair work was being done on the Hutcheson Island Bridge above Stuart. *They were moving the crane and allowing boats to pass about every 20 minutes. *I got a radio call from a big express cruiser from New Jersey. *A lady's voice said, "Moonstruck, can we go through ahead of you? *We cruise very fast". *I said, "sure, go right ahead". *You can imagine their suprise when I radioed, "Moonstruck coming around" and passed them just after the Cross Roads at the St. Lucie Inlet. *They were doing about 24 knots.*

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