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Hey Tiltrider1,


I'm not assuming that it is a 120VAC supply -- just observing that whatever is producing that voltage is controlled by a specific 120VAC breaker, specifically the one that has most of the outlets and nothing that I can identify other than outlets.

My goal is to trace the wire -- and, if appropriate, eliminate it and whatever abandoned device it is attached to.

My goal in trying to understand what it might be attached to is to possibly give me some sense as to where to look to find the other end so I can try ringing it from there or, alternately, some idea that might trigger the memory of either the PO or the PPO to help me do the same.

Basically, I'd like to be able to ask them, "Hey, did you ever have an X? Where was it?" And then be able to look there without needing to take apart everything from the engine room to there.

In talking with the PPO, we kicked around the idea that it could come off the solar system, or an old thermostat, or an old doorbell, or an old 1980s era portable TV power supply. None of those really matched, but were the right kind of ideas, I think. I'm not adverse to trying to chase down the PPPO, but I don't know him, or of him, or even if he is still around.

I'll chase this down one way or another -- it is just that, since I can't get it to ring, and it goes off into never-never land, it might mean a lot of disassembly.

Thanks again!

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