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RE: Will you be a boater for the rest of your life?

GonzoF1 wrote:
Not really an age-related question because some of you old poops already have one foot in the grave ;-)

Nevertheless, I am curious. Will you, if you have the means, own a boat until you are unable to (or dead)? In other words--- Will a boat be in your will?

Sometimes I ponder how long I can, or better yet am willing, to keep this up. This is hard on a person if you let it. I WANT to do everything myself (or ask Bess to do it). I have no desire or means to hire someone to do all the work it takes to own a boat like ours. Therefore, I do see a sad end someday. Be it from financial or some dreadful debilitating disease that runs in the family.

Make no mistake, I love this lifestyle, but unfortunately, I see that this might have to end. Perhaps sooner... hopefully later. Just curious about the deep philosophical thoughts of our community.


My wife and I only began boating about twelve years ago, but I expect to be boating for the rest of my life if I am able to do so.*

As for a will, well, it would just be part of my estate, nothing called out specifically.* My wife can be expected to outlive me so it will go to her and she will have to decide what to do with it.
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