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Originally Posted by Bigsfish View Post
And this is why I made the mistake (or you did):

You posted. : We are off to Spanish Wells next week, we are going to go out to the east of Devil's Backbone though. Seems a lot of people use a pilot to go through there. POST #10
From my OP. You may want to be clear that you were not responding to the OP.

We just had a large catamaran who’s charts showed them a recommended route between Guana and Fowl Cays at the eastern end of Elizabeth Harbor! Only a combination of relative calm, luck and rapid response saved this boat. This time.

This is the third such instance in almost as many years that charts have sent a boat through there in poor lighting conditions. Not all of the boats that ventured in there have come out of it intact.

Maybe quote the actual numbered post you are responding to next time, by not doing so we are going to assume you are replying to the original post.
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