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Will you be a boater for the rest of your life?

For me, being on the water is mostly about being with family and enjoying life. There is also the inherent love of nature and being on the water but that can be accomplished with a kayak. *I really like the voyaging potential of boating though. *Before I was a boating addict I was huge into long distance backpacking (hiked the A.T. twice from GA to Maine). *Traveling by boat to me reminds me a lot of those wilderness adventures, albeit in a different format.

We had a period before we bought our trawler where we were boatless for about 7 months. After boating every weekend for literally 8 years or so before that, it was actually fun. We missed being on the water but were in no rush and enjoyed that time spent at home relaxing with the kids, grilling out, doing some home projects my wife had been waiting on for, oh...8 years, etc.

Keep it fun. Sometimes hiring some stuff out will allow you to have more fun than doing everything yourself. Yes, doing it yourself can be fun and satisfying, but after a while, it can be tiring to work at a job all week and then go work on an old boat all weekend. On our Monk refit we intentionally hired out the bigger stuff so as to be able to knock it out and let us focus on what we as a family enjoy doing and that is spending time on the water together. With our new boat our goal is to have most all of the stuff we want to do completed by spring this year so that we can just enjoy the boating part of boating.

As far as long term will we always be boaters....who knows. Right now i feel like i own so many I am likely to have a few laying around the yard somewhere that i have forgotten about so that will keep me from ever being boatless.

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