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I got CO poisoning on a previous gas boat. It had nothing to do with the Gen, and I am not implying a portable Gen used up top, well ventilated, would cause it.

We were running an Express Cruiser with two big block V8’s with an aft canvas enclosure not opened properly. The exhaust gas while on plane can enter the cabin. An alarm went off in the cabin, so I went below deck. When I finally figured out it was a CO detector, the room started to spin and I was close to passing out. Came close to vomiting, and the headache lasted for several hours.

Again, I am not equating the OPs post to my situation, just posting this to highlight the importance of being careful with gas. A diesel emits 10 percent the CO of Gas boat if I remember that fact correctly, and it’s a heck of a lot safer from a fire standpoint.
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