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We hit a humpback, just south of Klemtu. It was a bejesus “WWWHHHUUUMMMPPP”. The whole boat (40,000 lb of KK42) shuddered. It wasn’t a log which would have been more of a loud bag.

We felt awful! We stopped the boat and looked behind to see a couple of spouts 1/2 a nm aft of us. We were pretty sure the running gear didn’t contact the whale but the whale certainly probably felt it alright. As I said we felt terrible for the animal. We called it in to Coastguard and later that night (anchored in cell reception in the Klemtu area) a DFO biologist phoned to get further details. She agreed with our assessment that it was a whale strike.

Unlike killer whales, humpback whales do not “echo locate” and are completely unaware of vessels. I was at the wheel at the time and we suspect that that it was just surfacing at the point of contact.

I’m not certain that forward looking sonar will prevent a whale strike from a surfacing whale. It might help but it all happens so very fast.
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