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Originally Posted by BigTime View Post
Thanks very much for the help. I slipped down to the boat last night and this is what I found.
With one plug plugged in I had full voltage on the hot of the unused receptacle and everything from both panels was working. I then started thinking about a switch.

Last week , before I changed slips, I had discovered an issue with the selector switch for GEN-OFF-SHORE. I had been trying to get my generator to operate the boat I would start the genset with selector on SHORE and every time I would switch to GEN the main breaker physically located on the genset would trip. I accidentally discovered that if I first powered down the boat by turning off the power pedestal then bringing on the genset by selecting GEN all was fine and the generator would run everything on the boat.
So with this in mind I discovered that by switching from SHORE to OFF I no longer had voltage at the unused receptacle and could plug my second cord in without issue. I did note that with only one cord plugged in it would always power both panels on either SHORE or OFF position.

I will investigate further when I have both daylight and a clearer mind, but a resolution may have to wait for my next month visit to the yard, I'm not sure I have the understanding to work this out.
Thanks again for the help.

Seems like somebody re-purposed your GEN-OFF_SHORE switch to tie the two panels together when in either GEN or SHORE. It would be a great use of your time to make a wiring diagram of how it is right now and make some new labels for the switch.
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