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Originally Posted by GFC View Post
Nope, nothing to do with the placement of the letters on the QWERTY keyboard.

For many years I've had Gofirstclass as part of my email address. I usually use that long part on most forums but on this one I shortened it to GFC.
Wifey B: Yeah, your first answer sort of missed the point, because you use it as email. Glad you made it clear now because with my dirty mind I could have come up with a bazillion things those three letters stand for.

Now, ours is so beyond obvious. And it's not bed and breakfast, although we have beds and we had breakfast this morning. Since we share we had to have something to represent him and something to represent me and we put "and" in between. Of course it can get confusing. Is the first b for him or is it for me? Maybe we got screwed up and both are him or both are me? BandB a lot of different things that we're not, like theater chain, medical company, Brandy and Benedictine. Like most things there are other uses, I'm not about to mention here.
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