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Good points,

Personally, if I knew the work hired out was always a good value and top quality, I'd hire it all done. However, sometime one can just do the job in the time it take to find a skilled person to do it, especially if it requires unknown things before the job is started. Like running an electrical line behind a wall that you don't know what's behind it. I'd rating take it apart myself and make the decision of how to run it after I know my options.

Bottom paint, I'll hire it out. However, I might hire my painters, supply the paint and oversee it. But I ain't gonna paint.

As for general maintenance, filters, oil changes, belts, etc., I could argue that we do this ourselves. Once one has done this a few times on their boat, they can usually do it faster than the mechanic can, and also eliminate scheduling, dealing with the mech, etc.

Very specialize stuff, like advanced electrical work, making a Bimini top, changing and engine, genny, or AC unit out, I'd most likely hire out.

And there's nothing wrong with hiring a guy for advise or to do part of the job, sometimes the most efficient. (I've found most mechanics will do this).

So.... it just depends.....
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