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Originally Posted by rsn48 View Post
I'm a bit of a photographer, have been all my life, an amateur. I won't go into how many "systems" I've had over the years and seen the revolution in technique and gear changing the photo world. Needless to say, drone photography is especially popular amongst cruisers who want those unique aerial views. My current system are Fuji and Canon, with multiple lenses and cameras of each.

So I'm curious how others approach photography when boating. Is stabilization an issue when under way. Great haunts you love to shoot, great animals you like to pictorially capture?

I suspect there are a number of us in this community. What's your experience?
I recently completed the Great Loop. My photos (hundreds) were taken with a Nikon D800. I used only a 28mm-200mm lens. I do have a 50mm prime lens aboard but never used it. Being much lighter, the 50mm might have been useful when walking around on shore.

Stabilization is not an issue. You will be cruising in daylight. Assuming you will be cruising at trawler speeds, you can just select a faster shutter speed. This will also yield less depth of field but most of the pictures you will take will be at ranges that will be long enough such that DOF won't matter. One problem that I did encounter was "autofocus". Sometimes, such as when trying for a shot of a flying eagle, the autofocus would not function quickly enough.
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