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Hi there!

I’m dipping my toes into the digital pond in a fairly serious way these days.

I picked up a Fujifilm X-E1 for a family snapshot camera after they first came out because of its basic, simple controls and because the viewfinder showed what the aperture and shutter dials do to the image in real time. No chimping “to see if it came out”.

When the X-T2 came out I nabbed one of those. What a relief to have the ISO, aperture, and shutter dials all on the camera! Brilliant! Just like ‘real’ cameras had back in the olden days!!

I find the image stabilization works pretty good on the boat, but still have to use the lens focal length/slowest safest handheld shutter speed rule if the water is lumpy.

Have plans on using the X-T2 pretty much like I used to use a 4X5, that is to say, on a tripod and stitching several frames together to generate large enough files. Really enjoy the hand held animal stuff as well, but at the bottom of the learning curve on that stuff.

Learning Lightroom, peeked into Photoshop, plan on forging into a luminosity panel such as Lumenzia, still haven’t plugged in the Epson P800, temped by platinum/palladium or photogravure, but the Piezography system may win out.

How has your past influenced what you’re doing now, and what’s your goal/dream?
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