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Originally Posted by tiltrider1 View Post
I don’t use the sono’s speakers. I use their “connect” and their “amp”. In most rooms I use speakers by Definitive Audio that are powered by a “sonos amp” in the saloon I have a complete Surround sound audio/video system and I use a “sonos connect” to feed in the music. All my music is on the NAS. On the fly bridge I have a car stereo system and I use a “sonos connect to feed the music to it as well.
I have connect that feeds my Fusion stereo as well, and a couple of amps at home, but I like the compact package of the Play 1 series speakers. About the size of a beer with a cozy on it, I can just plug it in and forget it.

My previous boat I had all amps/connects and speakers from Definitive Audio as well - I went with the B&W outdoor speakers, which were pricey ($800+ a pair) but they sounded amazing. What did you find for speakers from them that works well?

I've considered this route for one room on the boat, but have yet to find good sounding speakers that don't require a huge amount of space.

Originally Posted by PaulGel View Post
I like Fusion but sadly the Apollo is not true multi zone multi source like a Sonos. I know because I bought an Apollo setup and it just isn’t stable and Partybus isn’t the same as Sonos. If you are really keen you can rewire the power supplies to take 12VDC on Sonos but don’t expect a warranty.
I have heard mixed reviews on the Apollo as well. Folks seem to really love the touch screen, but that appeal goes away pretty quickly, as many folks are used to using their phone, and having it on the stereo isn't something that gets used that often. Partybus is an interesting idea, but you either have to have ethernet between them (most reliable) or use WiFi, which sounds like it has a bunch of bugs.

Originally Posted by rsn48 View Post
I just bought a Clarion CMS4, a fairly new unit out, that competes with Fusion. If you search you should be able to save a bit of money over Fusion. With it I also purchased the Fusion Flat Panel speakers, three of them for the three zones I will be establishing.

I choose this route over Sonos, which I love and have purchased three for home use, because on my 29 foot Express Cruiser space is an issue and I didn't want the clutter of Sonos. The Fusion Flat Panel Speakers can be flush mounted so virtually no space lost due to speaker foot print.

Fusion Flat Panel Speaker:
I stumbled on the Fusion Flat Panel speakers as well, and have one that I have yet to find a place for. They're not terribly expensive, and they have decent sound with the included bass reflector, along with two tweeters and two mids. I bought the extender ring/collar as well, which means you could mount it anywhere with only a tiny hole for the speaker wire, which is pretty cool. I may stick mine in the flybridge so I can use the Fusion head with it in case I don't want the Sonos up there in bad weather, etc.

They also have the same speaker enclosure with a FM/AM/bluetooth radio and full controls on the front - would be pretty slick to add a decent stereo speaker in tight quarters where you just want to stream to it from your phone or tablet.

Fusion Panel Stereo
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