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Trailer and Hitch to tow a small boat

I have never towed anything with my vehicle, so I know nothing about this subject.

I would like to purchase a trailer hitch and small trailer for a 12 ft. Light weight Boat With a 30 HP engine. I will only use it a couple times per year to pull the boat out of the water for the Winter, and then back in at the beginning of the season.

The trailer and boat will then sit in an open yard for the offseason. Itís an open, dirt lot, so I will have a cover made for the boat.

Distance from the ocean to the storage lot is a 45 min drive.

Vehicle is a 2012 Kia Sorrento (SUV).

I have found some used trailers on line, but would prefer to buy new as I plan on having it for 20 plus years.

Any recommendations for a good hitch system and trailer for this particular application would be appreciated.
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