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Progress Thai trawler

Here is a pic to show finshed paintwork on hull - I have deliberatelt kept the same colours as I want to retain the fishing boat look.* Gotta hurry up and get it in the water now before it all starts to crack with the heat here!

*Rudder, shaft and prop should go on tomorrow and hopefully the engine too.* I got some batteries in today and ran some temporary battery cables hooked up to a BEP dual battery switch cluster with VSR.

On thing I learned is that I should have had the carpenters work first and then not have the cauliking and painting done until engine etc was finished as it is is so important to get the boat back in the water quickly once the hull caulking and painting is done.*

Guess I have a lot more to learn about wooden boats along the way with this project.* I am just lucky to be in a place where carpentry work for local style boats is very cheap and quick.*

Anyway the pressure will be off once the boat is floating again and I can start to think about converting it to a family boat. **
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