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Fiberglassing and epoxy

Salty Bear II wrote:
We are currently refitting our older trawler. We are building new deck beams in a built up "glue-lam" configuration and will be putting fiberglass cloth and polyester resin over top the new deck head. Does anybody know where I can get any information on compatability of polyester resin and "System Three G2" epoxy?
*Best to go straight to the manufacturers of the resins you are using.* The biggest deal is curing.* Unless done curing...most resins aren't compatable (going to bond well)*and painting has issues with them too when they are still in the process of curing and they still need prep before anything is put on them.

When warmer weather hits NJ...I'll be layng a new decks (already have the teak off the fly bridge) and I'll be putting* several coats and at least one layer of glass on my entire bottom before the Interprotect barrier coating system.* I'll be using all epoxy to hold everything together but may use a polyester resin just for covering the plywood on the decks.

I not worried about the poly sticking to too much as I probably will go back and filet the edges of the poly glassed ply to the vertical structures of the boat to seal/keep'em down.

As long as it all cures OK...I'm not worried about the 2 different resins or whose they are.

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